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Alreet Cha Front Young
Alreet Cha Side 2nd Visit
Alreet Cha In Stable 2nd Visit
Alreet Cha Outside 2nd Visit
Alreet Cha Outside 2nd Visit 1
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Alreet Cha

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Latest Info

Last week she started trotting inside which is a build up to building some pace up outside, Craig is looking to get her up to the gallops within the next two weeks.  

From the front the order on the new video the horses are: 

Alreet Cha

Ex silhuette


Ex ellen gates


Visit to the stables last weekend with John, meant that we got close up with her and she has a great temprement.

She is filling out well, and looks to have beefed up compared to the 1st pictures we have. Vet was out to her for a check up last Fri and has given the all ok for a full ramp up of training. Craig would like to keep her on the walker for a week and then start taking her up the gallops. A delay in the 1st race isn't really a problem as the season goes on into oct Nov and he says she will run on the all weather into winter. So the consensus is that he charges us less for June training as she has only been on the walking machine and he really ramps it at the start of next month. 1st race unknown as of yet.  All in all the feedback from Craig is very positve.

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